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Photocure Technology® -uniquely Selective

Photocure Technology® provides important qualities that enhance the properties of photodynamic technology for diagnosis and therapy. Photocure Technology® is

  • Uniquely selective for diseased cells 
  • Effective and safe
  • Minimally invasive

The proven strength of Photocure Technology® is built on the following key characteristics:

  • Utilizes the cells’ own photosensitizers: The cells’ own photosensitizers, i.e. porphyrins, are formed following administration of our optimized precursors (building-blocks).  Diseased cells grow more rapidly than healthy cells, and will therefore take up and convert more of the precursors into porphyrins than healthy cells.
  • Tailor-made precursors: We carefully design precursors to provide a high selectivity for the malignant cells.
  • Local administration and illumination: The substance is applied locally, i.e. confined to the desired area, and is then illuminated. Uptake into the blood is minimized, avoiding photosensitivity of the patient.

An example of the unique selectivity of Photocure Technology® is demonstrated in bladder cancer. The selective technology allows a more complete or thorough  diagnosis leading to an enhanced disease management.

CIS in white lightCIS in blue light
The left image shows the inside of a bladder with bladder cancer (carcinoma in situ) in white light. By the use of our diagnostic product Hexvix® and blue light, the cancer cells light up red as can be seen on the image to the right. 

Photocure Technology® is currently applied in several disease areas:


Bladder cancer cells light up red in blue light when Photocure Technology™ is applied.